Ski MD Pre-Purchase Inspection

Trade Me customers - this one is for you.  Buying 2nd hand?  Your first jet ski?  Every week we meet someone who has brought a lemon....  make sure it isn't you.

A jetski is one of the most commonly purchased mistake - costing many people each year literally thousands of dollars in repairs.  The pre-purchase inspection from Ski M.D. involves a range of advanced tools and a thorough checklist - which includes our inside knowlegde of what commonly goes wrong with each model - to produce a fully detailed report.

Kevins' vast experience with servicing jetski's allows him to pick up tell-tale signs of water submersion, unusual wear & tear and just how well the ski has generally been serviced and looked after.  We have invested thousands of dollars on advanced equipment, such as diagnostic software to access history/faults, and video cable tool to inspect pistons and areas un-accessable without dismantling.  Quite often he can give you the complete history because it is a craft he sold and serviced from new!  With a pre-purchase inspection, you can be more informed of the ski's value and put you in a position of negotiation.

Pricing Guide

-  $150 - $200 Model dependant.


Please use the booking button on the front page.  Inspections can be done at the owners premises on our normal booking days depending on location/area.

Buyers are encouraged to phone for verbal apprasial (based on model history) first.