Ski MD Pre-Season Service

Service intervals are between 10, 25, 50 OR annually depending on your ski - we tell you why it is so important to have your ski serviced by us.

Four Stroke (modern) Jet Ski's;

First service is the '10 Hour Service' - which IS THE MOST IMPORTANT.

Following services are recommended at 50 hours OR annually.


Two Stroke Jet Ski's;

First service is the '10 Hour Service'.  Following services are recommended at 25 hours OR annually.


The '10 Hour' Service;

This is the biggie.  For any type of long-term ownership it is critical that is service is completed properly.  This must include:  oil change, oil filter change, spark plugs go into the spare plug container on most models and new ones fitted.  The pump unit must come out to grease the drive line and get adequite grease into the pump housing.  Certain high service bolts (and Yamaha spark plugs) are removed and treated for future ease of removal without expensive bolt failure.  Minor adjustments are also made at this time and after-sale factory updates and checks performed.


Servicing Tips:

Many companies have been caught recently taking the customers money and not performing even the basic servicing functions - don't let them get away with it!  If you have any doubt about your current servicing dealer we will check the service over with you for your peace of mind with no obligation. (Please phone to check technician availability.)

The best time of year to have your jetski serviced (if you are not doing the full amount of hours) is at the end of summer.  This way, we can save you a few dollars and winterise your ski for winter storage at the same time.  With a few simple connections and one of our special batteries, your ski will be ready to go at the first sign of good summer weather the following season with no stress or worry about getting your ski in for servicing when we are booked up to three weeks ahead.

We automatically check your trailer WOF and can complete a check if required - so their is no extra messing around at the testing station.


Pricing Indicator:

4 Stroke Servicing:    Seadoo $300.00,   Yamaha  $330.00    Kawasaki  $340.00

2 Stroke Servicing:   From $180 - $230

Extra functions are required for all models over certain hours or age as per your owners handbook.

Please contact us for a closer estimate if required - suppling your model/year/engine hours.



Bookings are essential for ALL work.  Peak season is November - January and up to 3 week delay may apply.  Avoid this busy time by doing your service in conjunction with a winterise (see above).