Ski MD Winterisation Service

As recommended by all manufactures - a 'Winterise' protects the engine internals while not in use for months.  Some late model brands will not survive if they have been put away with any sort of water injestion.  More details here.

Although these modern engines are made for 'marine' conditions, nothing will stop the intrusion and damage caused by water (especially salt water) and condensation.  Not using your craft for more than 4 weeks can be detrimental for the engine - depending on how it was last used and treated for 'storage'.

Winterising involves:  extensive treatment of external and internal components to retard the growth of corrosion, including steering cables, driveline components and the electrics.  Extraction of fuel to prevent stale fuel usage and condensation problems.  Helps prevent oxidisation of aluminium components including cylinder heads and throttle bodies.  This service is highly recommended if your ski is unused for more than 2 months.

Pricing guide:  (dependant on model)  $100 - $140.

Ski M.D. also has a range of batteries, battery indicators and charges to suit everyones budget and situation.  Talk to us at your next visit about your general use and current battery.