Jetski Trailers - Cheap, Expensive or Second Hand

There are many trailers out there for jetskis now and a huge range of prices - this is what you need to know.

New Zealand Manufactured

Makz Trailers - RRP $1800

Trailers which are manufactured in NZ, for our conditions (salt water) usually pay for themselves in a few years when you don't have to replace wheel bearings and wiring each year.  Carpet runners which (if siliconed regularly) are better than rollers as they don't cause damage to the base of your ski.  The lights are best up out of the water to reduce problems with lights and rotting wires.  The wheels are designed for use in salt water and will handle a substantial amount of time in the drink - and even longer if you add Bearing Buddies.

A second hand Makz or RB trailer is worth more than an import/kit set trailer new.

Need a little more info ??

RB Engineering Trailers - RRP $1800

The 'RB' jetski trailer is well recognised by jetski owners and seen as a trust worthy brand, with some of them dating back 15 years.  RB Engineering recently 'retired' from the trailer making business due to so many companies importing trailers and components to win the price war.  Now, with a greater awareness if the importance of quality components, RB Engineering has been sold and is currently back in trailer production under the careful eye of it's previous director Ross.  Very soon, these trailer will be available again and will continue the RB name for future jetski owners.

Imported parts trailers - these are the worst as they are hard for the average person to spot. Some dealers and trailer shops sell their own trailer brand that has been made from imported parts including cheap axle/wheel bearing designs.  These can look quite good with sturdy lights and galvanised frame - but wheel bearings fail as soon as they hit the water and cause costly repairs for WOFs.  Contact Ski M.D. if you are unsure.

American Trailers - these usually have a white coated surface and there is usually signs of serious corrosion by the time they get to NZ.  They come with 'gray' imports, so there are a few out there.  Originally designed for use in fresh water lakes - these don't stand up to our kind of use.

Kit set trailers - for $700 you can buy a kit set trailer, and then you will spend another $80 sorting our correct wiring for a WOF.  Once you have managed to get your ski onto it, you will probably start to notice the overhang.  And after a few times backed into the water, you will start to notice the wheels disappearing.  We have picked a ski up off the motorway that started its journey on one of these trailers....

Homemade trailers - we have seen many, many attempts at making trailers and most people with experience succeed but we usually find the setup balance off (a good trailer should have the 'center' weight of the ski over the axle, making it easy for one person to lift the draw bar off the ground and move the ski & trailer around).

Good trailers should have:

* Jockey wheel - otherwise you will break your back trying to move your ski around when it is off the car!

* Good wheels and tyres - suitable for NZ conditions.  Bearing Buddies are a big bonus and will save quite a bit in trailer maintenance costs.

* Good lights and tidy wiring - lights often fail on trailers due to the salt water getting into the wires or the lights themselves.  Re-wiring can be expensive due to the labour content of the job.  If you test a second hand trailer and the lights are not working - make sure it is not just bulbs or the trailer plug (with bent connectors).

* Adjustable runners - to suit your ski.  We often move these runners for customers who are not aware their trailer is set up incorrectly for their model of ski.  Your ski should sit flat between the runners but not on the trailer frame.

* Adjustable stopper on the winch post - to adjust for the length of your ski.  A good trailer should have an excellent balance point so the weight of the ski sits over the axle, making the trailer effortless to lift (on and off the car) and move around.

* Galvanised frame

* Good tow ball couple and handle, with provision for coupling lock.

* We recommend rope winches - as it is more user friendly than wire. 

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