Yamaha VXR-R Race Ski built for TAG Racing

TAG Racing in conjunction with Yamaha New Zealand decided to take the new Yamaha VXR normally aspirated three seater and turn it in to a N/A class racer.

The order was simple. For the first season they wanted bullet proof, reliable and a start platform for thier re-entry to the watercraft race scene which in New Zealand, they had been away from for some time.

In the first instance we were delivered a brand new VXR and it was run for a few hours to settle the metals so to speak with a few heat cycles. The ski was then stripped bare and any excess components that offered no gains for a race ski were removed. The VXR is a low cost, high quality no frills ski so the weight savings after the strip out were minimal.

The engine was stripped bare and uprated with JE flat top pistons and Carrillo conrods. Bores were checked for perfection, the crank was checked and balanced and the bottom end put back together.

The cylinder head got a clean up in the ports, bigger valves and a spring kit to support a higher rev ceiling.

Various mods to smaller things like the air intake and exhaust system were done as well as construction of an air trim system and impellor replacement to gain optimum hook up with the stock pump.

A key feature was the use of a full Motec ignition and fuel control system as well as data logging for tuning purposes which has been loaned to the ski from Yamaha New Zealand. That was an awesome help as this is a ten grand tool which is a real asset to the craft.

Tuning is taken care of by Reaction Racing whom tune for the likes of Hayden Paddon.

First season in on this project and the motor has been 100% with constant improvements being done to hook up and handling as the season has gone on.

We are currently freshening up for the coming season and a new high tech jet pump is being tested this season as well as a new tune up for a fuel change.

Keep an eye out for updates on this ski.

Thanks to....

Yamaha New Zealand.

Total Finance solutions.

Rule Ride.

Yamaha VXR-R