A brand new project is on the horizon for 2012/2013.  The goal:  A reasonably low modified (reliable) but very, very, very fast ski for recreational use (blowing your friends doors off).

January 2012

Two of the most important pieces of the puzzel have arrived;  the hull, the engine.

February 2012

The first of the shopping lists goes into Hot Products;

Fat Bars Adaptors

Fat Bars

ODI grips

Hydro-Turf Kit

Jettrim Seat Cover

Riva Sponsons

R&D Ride Plate

R&D Trim Tabs

R&D Intake Grate

March 2012 

Ski was stripped out and the hull sent to Hale Customs for removal of a few high spots inside the hull and strengthening of the pump tunnel to handle the high speed abuse.

Hull was then sent to Steve Pennington Boat Builders on Auckland's North Shore for flipping over and "trueing" of the hull and painting.

April 2012 

Back to the Ski M.D. workshop for a good clean out and begin the install of all the pump cavity components. Everything has to be test fitted, filed and siliconed into place with as few bumps and gaps as possible.

May 2012 

Under side all complete and turned over to start install of the engine and everything it takes to make it go.

Custom intercooler and piping with a big supercharger wheel as well as fabricating the exhaust from the end of the oem Yamaha headers to the outlet on the ski. Special attention here to get just the right amount of bark from the engine while not making it a pain in the ear for those around us.

June 2012

Spare time in the colder months and its full on with this build as well as another project the same which has been started alongside. Fuel tanks modified for the fuel injection systems and installed with rising rate regulators to keep things in check as the boost goes up.

Engines are in and buttoned down for the last time.

Plumbing of water lines from the jet pump to the engine is a days work with five lines feeding the engine and intercooler as well as the oil coolers and exhaust system. "dont forget to do up all the hose clamps"

Drive lines and jet pumps in with mods to the pump to stop the dreaded "overstuff" at 90 MPH +. This mod bleeds water from the front of the pump as it cant proccess the amount entering the tunnel at that speed. 

July 2012 

Seat covers, new bumpers, gauge mounts and a full wiring job and the ski's are ready to burst into life. Gassed them both up.....hit the button and "BINGO" Yamaha quality and reliability barks out of both ski's.

August 2012 

Both ski's are in the sign shop getting flashed up and water testing starts in September. 


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