The Flying SHO Couch - Part II

Well, we can't just stop at 86 mph can we..?   Let Part II begin.

The Flying Couch gained second place at the 2010 Bridge To Bridge race behind, what was, the fastest jetski in NZ.   Following a successful family holiday it has re-appeared in the Ski MD workshop for a bit of a tweak....

Early 2011

Well, Christmas holidays were nice, one happy 86mph SHO owner cruising around the waterways, occassionally taking friends out to show them how 'nicely' it goes.  We did hear the screaming from back on shore...   All that said and done the SHO returned to the workshop to have most of the previous worked ripped out and start all over again...  all in the name of going Turbo.

March 2011  The Shopping List

The initial order of parts went like this;

Garrett GT ?? ?? water cooled ball bearing turbo with custom made waste gate set up all built and ballanced by one of the worlds best turbo gurus.

Custom water jacketed  turbo manifold and exhaust outlet tubing which is siamesed for dual outlets from the back of the ski........uber cool at the owners request.

Engine stripped and checked after last years usage and internal upgrades of the case bolts to ARP studs and the head bolts to ARP studs.  Every other part went back in to run again as the basic Yamaha engine is very reliable.

Cylinder head upgrades with some experimental cam train parts.

New intercooler and blow off valve to keep up with the greater air flow and boost.

Motec tuning to suit the new combo after we have done pump and prop mods to suit the 90+ MPH goal.


Keep watching as we dial  this ski in and build up to the bridge to bridge race on Dec 3 this year.




For the first time in my many many Bridge to Bridge races I had a DNF :-(

It was instantly obvious what the problem was as I had an expensive Carrillo con rod and JE piston in my hand and the motor was still in the hull.

Back to the drawing board and into the parts cat for, well, a whole new engine. Thanks to help from Yamaha we ammased all the parts and began a rebuild which would involve critical triple check of every measurment as we found from stock that the bearings were to tight for bigger boost applications. You live and learn.

It has taken us untill August 2012 to have the ski back on the water and the owner is running it in ready for the bridge yet again in October.

No more mods as we were happy at 90 MPH but dual stage boost control for rec and race settings.