Fish Finder Install

On average we fit one fish finder unit per week now the jetski fishing craze is alive and well...

It's a reasonably big job and one that has evolved over time to get all types of fish finder units in the most practical and safe place on a PWC.

This 'project' is made up of a few different installs and we will add to it over the next couple of weeks.......

1.  We do supply Humminbird or Lowrance systems as requested, and many of our customers come with their own units in hand.  There is quite a diverse range of units, which requires a quick check of the manufacturers recommendations before install.

2.  Instructions aside.... it is onto the location or positioning of the main unit/screen.  Many of the FF we have done have gone into the glove box lid.  We find this works well for a few reasons;  the handle bars provide some shelter from direct light and oncoming waves when riding in rough water, also, this placement allows the dash to be completely free from equipment so you can keep an eye PWCs critical information as you ride.   Despite all the manufacturers claiming their units to be waterproof, this glove box mounting adds extra protection to the back of the unit.  Some models are not so easy to place on the glove box, and will be mounted on the dash area.

3.  A template is made and the glove box is cut to allow the unit to 'sit in' the lid.  This acts as additional strength for positioning and the glove box remains operational.

4.  The unit is placed, secured and sealed with weather tightness.  This is truck strength sealant which set aside to cure for 24 hrs.

5.  Next the transducer is placed.  Again, there are a few variations for mounting depending on FF model and PWC model.  Photo 7 & 8 shows the placement of a transducer mounted in an oil bath with the appropriate check on the level which is critical.

...more to come...





FF Install 01
FF Install 02
FF Install 03
FF Install 04
FF Install 05
FF Install 06
FF Install 07
FF Install 08