The Quest For 100 mph

Late 2008, we began to gather the required elements for a huge project - building a PWC capable of 100 mph.


The Start

I have started checking the boxes with our first conversion ski and the first one was find a hull. This one seems to be a good start as it has carbon hood and seat units and a complete drive line including Skat pump and R&D drop nozzle.





The hull is heading off to Chris Hale today to start the cut and grind out. Chris is a fibreglass and Carbon Kevlar guru. He is undertaking to strengthen the hull in all the usual spots, clearence all the floor as needed and bring the inside up like new.

Oh and it is bye bye to the blue colour scheme..... 





Engine mount kit has arrived and the internal cuts competed to sit the dummy engine in the hull. Centre Bearing carrier also here from the States.
The boat builder has filled 70 holes in the hull from the standard exhaust outlet all the way to the bumper rivet holes so we have a mint blank canvas to prep for paint.
Carbon hood and seat units have been repaired.
Block has had the Darton MID sleeves fitted and ARP head studs and is in the US and awaiting shipping to me
Turbo is sitting here waiting for manifold to be started and the head is sitting bare awaiting flowing.





17/2/09   The man in charge of the golden angle grinder is my friend Chris Hale. He has undertaken beating this old bus into shape and the pics so far show his level of perfection at each step.





9/4/09   The bits just keep arriving. Frank tells me I can be a boost mental with this block combo!!





2/5/09    70 holes filled, hull trued and pump tunnel reinforced now its off to the paint shop.   It only one oars power at the moment!





8/6/09    Owie spent the weekend in the spray booth....what a job!!  Thats the cleanest it is ever going to be again!





26/6/09   Hydroturf mats, new bumpers and mounts installed......slowly but surely. 





7/7/09    MPEM is mounted, seat is back from the paint shop, Rad4Racing Fuel Tank Assy is ready for the annodisers...that pump should cut the mustard.
Plus a photo of those pistons and rods - this may be the last time we see them as they are about to enter the block!   Just 16 weeks to "D" day.





16/7/09   Take one large block of ali and turn it in to swarf!!! This is $400 worth of ali being CNC'd in to the pump mount to bolt in to the back of the ski. We did this the hard way as we decided it was better to use the Sea Doo pump and drive line and wanted it to be an easy bolt in and out just as it is in the Sea Doo rather than the performance to remove the Yamaha pump.     This unit was drawn up by Competition engineering who specialise in "one off" components.





31/8/09  The graphics go on...  thanks to Billy Hall... nice work mate.





27/10/09  A few days away from the Bridge To Bridge race and we are battling the time clock to sort out the initial problems after the first couple of test runs.  One of the issues being - it's too fast....  this thing is mental at half throttle and is handling like a racehorse with a carrot up its *_@!   Any voluteers to ride it at Bridge To Bridge... applicants must have up-to-date life insurance.





1/11/09  The first of victories - Kevin rode the beast to 1st place at the Bridge To Bridge race, feathering the throttle enough stay at the front of the pack.  In the two weeks following, it has been back to the drawing board to do modifications to the pump and ride plate setup to get better handling and control.  "Just a few more parts dear...."





22/3/10  After a huge delay - due to summer and everyone else had to come first... i.e. the customers - the GPRXP is fighting its way back into the workshop for it's additions and modifications.  Fingers crossed to start water testing again in April.





13/6/10  A rubbish weather day for anything but we trudged off to the river for some more time on the ski. With warm up complete I tried a couple of power runs and on the second big one I was thrown over the bars at 84 mph. Hmmmm I said, or something like that as I swam around to the back of the ski to find all of the pump nozzle and steering nozzle hanging from the steering cable. The genuine Sea Doo pump parts are not up to the extra stress from the turbo charged engine. Back to the work shop after a tow back to the ramp from Cathie on her trusty Superjet.



2/9/10   Mark Roscoe has had the beast at his house for a week and weeded through a couple of issues we have been trying to find time to test and after a couple of shake down runs at the river on Friday he shot off a 93 mph pass sitting on the seat and as solid as a rock.  Now thats what we call progress. Home for a few beers over the days events and we have a plan to move forward and are looking for a 95 mph pass this week all going well.




8/9/10  Celebration Day.  96.9 miles per hour on the GPS reading.  That makes it one of the fastest PWC's in Australisia.  Champagne all round please.




28/11/10  Bridge To Bridge - the only drag race that NZ has.  Congratulations to Mark Roscoe (rider) and Kevin Geard (technician) for winning the Bridge To Bridge 2010 title on board the yellow beast.  Officially taking the title of fastest jet ski in NZ.




2011   All good things must come to an end.  The success of our conversion ski has attracted international attention and is sold to a buyer in Australia.  Shipped in top secret at the request of the buyer who has 'big plans' for this yellow beast.

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Block w studs
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