Fishing Video For Newbies

This is one of many videos taking You Tube by storm, but made by a local NZer makes it all the better.  We've added a few notes with our twist on the jetski safety side of things.

** Please view Ski M.D notes below for additional safety items.

This awesome little video has some good content but we are adding caution to a few items from personal experience;

Never carry flares on a jetski, I have seen them go off bouncing in storage to the loss of a nice 1999 Seadoo GTX. We suggest a rescue streamer of course available at Ski M.D.

Seadoo craft have closed water cooling systems and therefore no salt water in the engine BUT the exhaust manifold, waterbox and intercoolers on supercharged models all use salt water to cool so you better flush and use Mac's or pay the price of neglect.

Carry an anchor but wrap it up tight and secure it to something or it will smash your storage to bits while in transit.

Fuel economy of the chosen craft is questionable compared to the oppositions offerings (Yamaha FXHO and Kawasaki LX with superior storage and fuel consumption) and all the electric brakes bits and bobs may leave you, as he states, digging out that anchor! Choose a craft, new or used with care and gather all the info you can before spending your money!

The one big one and in the case of being rescued once all that emergency kit has done its job is a "Emergency hose pincher" or a "Main waterline shut off tap" as the situation will go from bad to worse if your craft is towed in due to a failure at sea only to also find you have filled your engine with water while towing it back. Thats a double :-(