Jetski's Help With Big Buddy Organisation

Kevin was recently a part of the "Big Buddy Day Out" at Long Bay Beach - giving jetski rides to some very keen kids...

"Big Buddy is a not-for-profit, secular organisation run by a handful of dedicated men, that is changing the lives of fatherless boys in places all over New Zealand by the simple expedient of finding them a good-hearted man who will reliably spend time with them and offer them a role model for their journey into manhood; a journey many single mothers and grandmothers are frightened their boys will not survive. Good hearted men who volunteer their time because they want to make a meaningful difference in their communities are thoroughly vetted by a stringent three-month process, and then matched with just the right boy. Although Big Buddy asks for a minimum year-long commitment, most of these matches last for life.

We just held our Summer Big Buddy Day Out at Long Bay beach, 130 people - 60 boys having a great afternoon.

Big ups to Kevin Geard for his generous help with jet skis for our Big Day Out. Thanks also to Malcolm Campbell, Geoff Shuker, Allan Murray, Graham McGregor, Mike Thomson, and Andrew Green - the jet ski crew running 4 jet skis for around 4 hours. You are legends in the minds of 60 boys."

Richard Aston, Chief Executive - Big Buddy.