Whangarei Jetski Rider Catches Marlin

A massive battle between fish and man took place recently... aboard a jetski...

The fish, weighing nearly 80kg was hauled up by fishing enthusiast Clifford Strydon at Helena Bay, midway between Whangarei and the Bay Of Islands. It was a battle of 45 minutes to get the Marlin alongside the ski, and a three hour trip - holding the fish by a gaffe between his legs - back to shore.

Clifford has been a keen jetski rider for nearly three years now, starting on an older 2 stroke craft and upgrading soon after to a new four stroke jetski . This is not the first attempt at getting one of these amazing creatures on board, we have personally seen the battle scars from previous near catches. "My arms are pretty shot now. My wife doesn't know how we are going to eat it all, luckily we have lots of friends and colleagues who are keen for smoked marlin, it's a really good eating fish" says Clifford.

Although Matt Watson, the celebrity fisherman, has hooked a Marlin on a jetski, Clifford is thought to be the first man in NZ to land one, being a "significant achievement" without any support crew. Well done Clifford - we think you deserve a trophy for jetski fsherman of the year.