Jetski's Prove To Be Top Cure for SAD

The 'Winter Blues' effects up to 20% of the population - turns out the PWC is the perfect cure!

SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder effects up to 20% of the population in winter, causing anti-social behaviour, lack of energy, and depression.  One of the recognised natural treatments is 'light therapy' where the patient spends a set amount of time in front of a light unit or has special light reflectors set up outside their house to enhance the amount of sunshine received.


Research has shown that the family jetski is the perfect 'therapy' for everyone suffering from the 'winter blues'.  The ease in which PWC owners can get to the water, spend an hour riding/playing and return home is proving to be another great use of these ever-advancing machines.  The reflection of light off the water's surface, which accelerates sun burn in summer, is perfect for greater strength of light needed in winter to balance mental health.


With many of the top PWC clothing manufacturers getting into the game with winter gear, there is no excuse - especially in the North Island.  Studies show just an hour of time on the jetski is a perfect dose, and this benefits your machine at the same time as PWCs are best run during the winter than stored.


Seeing we are now into the coldest months of our year and there are still healthy numbers of people going to the river or out fishing, there isn't any excuse for getting together with a friend, getting your wetsuit on and doing it!