Shocking Jetski Trailer Standards in NZ

Trailers have been in the news recently after serious accidents have occured due to the quality of new trailers....  the alarming facts are - this affects jetski trailers too...

Running off the back of the Mitre 10 trailer scandal seen on TV recently we thought it is a good time to highlight the huge safety issues which we are seeing in jetski trailers. Mitre 10 has recalled a line of it's own imported trailers following a serious accident involving one of them.

As a service provider of all PWC brands from all over the country, we see many different types of jetski trailers, including imported types and a growing amount which have been constructed by 'back door' trailer manufacturers with very little engineering sense.

The last five years has seen a great growth in kitset trailers, made from imported products. One Auckland dealer continues to sell trailers which have a bearing/axle set up simply not designed for water use and WOF tests fail every year until the axle is replaced. We have seen a few buyers caught out by the lure of cheap kitsets which they can put together themselves and most of them are not suitable for the extreme weight of the larger four stroke PWCs or have component quality issues.

The last few summers have seen many dealers resort to having their own trailers made to improve their margin and competitive package price, and this is what we find surprising; one dealer is selling late model ski's on a trailer which is a copy of a reputable brand but designed to fit an old 2 stoke ski. The material used is a much smaller box section and has wiring holes drilled through load bearing areas. With the new PWC models sitting just under 500kg - it pays to think you are buying a carrier of quality.

This dealer is not alone and joined by at least two other's selling badly constructed trailers. Ski M.D try to advise all new or second hand PWC buyers to look closely at the trailer they are purchasing. For a new single trailer, you should be paying at least $1,500. If it is not, ask yourself why. If you are checking out a trailer and do not understand engineering yourself, it pays to ask a third party for a second opinion. 7 people die a year in accidents involving cars towing trailers and it is only a matter of time before a jetski trailer is involved in this statistic.