Jetski Fishing

Fishing from a jetski has been around since about 1999 with the invention of the larger 3 seater PWC's and has since taken off in a big way as the ski's getting bigger and more stable.

Our TOP 3 Model Picks For Jetski Fishing:

#1:  Yamaha FX HO : Non-supercharged 1800cc motor which claims to be the most fuel efficient between competition. Good stable hull. "No-wake mode" which is excellent for getting in and out of waterways and speed restriction areas. A few extra luxuries which come with the price tag: cup holders, mirrors, speedo.  Upgrade to the FXHO Cruiser and get the luxury seats which offer better back support.

#2:  Kawasaki Ultra LX-X:  Non-supercharged large stable hull which proves very useful for fishing and riding rough open water.  We have choosen the LX-X over the LX to get the luxury seats with a bit more lower back support.  The Kawasaki engine technology is tried and true with reasonable consistency in reliability.

#3:  Yamaha FX SHO:  Super-charged 1800cc motor - a fantastic ski which only gets third place because of the fuel consumption (being a super-charged engine).  But it is all how you 'twist' the throttle isn't it.  This machine has the grunt which some jet ski owners can't cope without but doesn't have the large super-charger maintence bills of it's opposition.  Again, go for the up-spec model, FX SHO Cruiser, and get the added advantage of better seat support for the long distance rides.


Fish Finders:

One of the most common accessories people look at when they start to use their jetski for fishing is the fish finders.  Here are a few tips we have collected over the years;

* Buy your fish finder from a store and ask them who they recommend for installation if you are not going to install yourself.

  #1 Brand - HUMMINBIRD.  NZ Support, massive range, top technology.

* Ask who the technical support company is in NZ and make sure it isn't just a company in Australia who will take literally weeks to help with spare/warranty parts if required.

* Internal transducers are best, but we have found they don't work in every ski due to imperfections in the hull.  Trial the first position in the hull and be prepared to move it to another location if the result is no good.  Last resort is an external transducer which can easily be knocked.   Not a recommended option is the "thru-hull" option - depending on the model of ski, putting a hole in the bottom will lessen the overall strength of the hull.

* Make sure your installer is using Marine Grade electrical components and not normal car electrics - water is very invasive and wire rot problems occur in a very short amount of time.

* The correct fishing setup will take a bit of water testing and trial, and is best done during the winter when you can get quick/easy support from your fish finder supplier & installer.


Jetski Fishing Rod Holders, Clothing, & Emergency Gear

The best place to buy accessories for riding your jetski is on


Fishing Supplies - Bait, Rods, Fishing Tips

It isn't possible for us to stock and supply the best range of fishing equipment - and thats where the specialist team at The Big Fish come in.  These guys are located in Pakuranga (Auckland) and have one of the largest ranges of fishing equipment in NZ.  Not to mention they are all highly skilled fishermen (and women) who can give you all the top fishing advice required.

Go and see The Big Fish at 141 Cascades Road, Pakuranga or email or phone 09 576 2764.


Keeping your craft healthy

It pays to have your jetski serviced every 50 hours following the initial 10 hour service (4 stroke models).  Ski M.D. specialise in this servicing, performing the most thorough service available in Auckland.  We also like to give our customers extra tips which relate to their ski to help with self maintenance and ultimately saving money.




Yamaha FXHO 2009 Black Side
HB 587ci Montage copy
Anchor Drift WEBPIC
Glove Heatseeker WEBPIC
Jettribe Goggle Blue WEBPIC
FX SHO 2010 Red side
Ultra LX 2010 side