PWC Registration

Applies to all jet ski users in the Northland, Auckland and Waikato area.  The fine for unregistered ski's is $200.



$12.50  Numbers (optional - or use coloured number kits available from Jetski Junk)

Once only payment - when you sell your ski, simply fill in a form and transfer the registration into the new owners details.




$15.00 for numbers

Once only payment.  When you sell your ski, de-register it or transfer the registration to the new owner - there is a $10 fee.


Our Tips on Rego's

* Get a good signwriter to cut your numbers to match colours in the other graphics/colours on your ski.  The numbers that come from the council are very 'military'.  Send off your application to the council and you will recieve a letter with your allocated numbers which you can give to your signwriter.

* Check out the Rego Sticker Kits in various colours for $39.95 on