As of April 2013 - we have had all the exciting promises and still no product.... where are you Benelli?

2012 Ski MD Front Page Article:

Benelli Ready To Launch

Watercraft Manufacturer “Hydrospace” came out in 2004 with sales brochures, posters and all guns blazing as the new entrant to the watercraft market. Initially four pole ski’s and four runabouts were detailed for the range however the pole ski S4 was delivered in numbers and the wait was on for the rest of the range.

Racers snapped up the S4 pole which had a turbo two cylinder Weber four stroke motor and this became the ski to have for the stock class racer as they decimated the competition in power and handling. The quality of componentry on these craft was as bling as it gets however they were certainly in need of further marinisation in the electrical dept. This craft has most likely become the most dominant race ski from any one manufacturer in a long time.

HSR Benelli acquired Hydrospace in 2006 continuing to sell the S4.

As time went by and the global financial crisis kicked in, the chance of the model range ever being completed looked more and more unlikely and those with deep pockets lost sight of having that 340hp runabout parked in their shed as new models failed to make the factory exit other than an additional pole ski model in ltd numbers and one rather underpowered runabout which failed to impress.

HSR Benelli were not done. 2012 has the company overhauled and staff pumping with enthusiasm over a new beginning and all new products.“Benelli” as it is now titled have done massive amounts of R and D and a new engine design which they are very excited about.The building of an all new production plant in Thailand,in an area known as the Detroit of Thailand will see high quality watercraft leave their plant with a two year warranty to ensure the consumers are as confident as they are.

While we were interviewing Karen who is on a tour of the world’s boat shows showing off the watercraft she noted lots of Kiwi’s had asked if a fishing kit could be fitted to the runabout which she liked to fitting a tow bar to a Ferrari as Benelli is built for those with as much love of the machine as those that may own a Ducati duly love their motorcycle.

What are the stats?...

Three cylinder 1600cc engines in n/a from 135 hp to turbo 315 hp makes these craft the most powerful ever offered by any manufacturer and New Zealand models will not suffer from US regulation speed restrictions to 65 MPH so we will wait and see what they will do. The thought of 180 hp in a pole ski does give me a shiver J.

It was certainly exciting to finally get to paw over these craft and I look forward to Armstrong Marine in Christchurch getting the first ones in to the country so we can, ”first hand” experience the emotion of riding the all new and very welcome Benelli 

2010 Front Page Article: 

Ski M.D. have been following the HSR-Benelli story since they annouced their visions and plans for an 8 model range of jetski's including pole ski's and runabouts (sit-downs) in 2007.

Now well into 2010, we are waiting for the product to be proudly displayed in any NZ store but it seems we may be in for a long wait.... as normal, due to the size of NZ, lack of serious demand for this new product and complications with dual brand dealerships.

Dispite this, the NZ distributor is having better success in Australia.  This is probably due to the larger population and support of PWCs in general.  For example, one of Australia's Seadoo stores sells the same amount of units (jetski's) in one year as NZ does in the entire country.

We will expect this brand to gain momentum over time and will no doubt gradually make the break through into NZ stores.

HSR-Benelli Runabouts

Series R Naked Edition:  3 cylinder inline 4 stroke, 1098cc, 142 hp, 1-3 seater, 260kg dry weight.  Base model, designed for those people who want to enjoy a peaceful day riding.

Series R Pro Edition:  3 cylinder inline 4 stroke, 1098cc, 172 hp, 1-3 seater, 263 kg dry.

Series R Prestige:  V6 cylinder 4 stroke, 2196cc, 278 hp, 1-3 seater, 328 kg dry.

Series R Race Edition:  V6 cylinder 4 stroke, 2196cc, 342 hp, 1-3 seater, 3235mm x 1200mm, 87 ltr fuel tank, 328 kg dry weight.  Top model, designed for those who want full power.

HSR-Benelli Standups

Series S Race Edition: 3 cylinder 4 stroke, 1130cc, 162hp, pole ski.  More power than the average rider can handle.

Series S Pro Edition: 3 cylinder 4 stroke, 1130cc, 142hp, pole ski.

S4 Pro Edition:  4 stroke turbo charger, 749cc, 110hp, pole ski.

S4:  4 stroke turbo charger, 749cc, 110hp, pole ski.  Available by order NOW.

For more specs and info see http://www.hsr-asia.com/product.asp?lng=en 

HSR Benelli naked blkgreen
HSR Benelli prestige blkgold
HSR Benelli Pro edition blkwhite
HSR Benelli race edition blkred