Welcome to Ski M.D.  We are one of NZ's leading independent PWC service specialists operating an advanced mobile workshop specifically designed to service and repair jetskis.  We have a full range of diagnostic equipment and one of the most experienced technicians in the watercraft industry.  Service areas include Auckland, north-east Waikato and the Coromandel.

Ski MD Autumn Service Special

Book your ski for a standard service before May 31st and have the option to buy a C-Tek smart battery charger system for just $79 with free installation.  Save yourself a lot of disappointment and worry about your battery health over winter.

Autumn is a fantastic time to tick the service box for your annual maintenance.  We can also advise and prepare your ski for any winter storage, so that when summer comes back around, there is no fuss to get it out of the garage and go.


For All Our Waverunner Customers:

We've prepared a short video to explain two very handy modifications that we do in all our late model Waverunner services.  You will see the notes on your service records which say; "rear baffle flaps have been removed and squirter disconnected"  here's why... 

Watch Video 


Tairua Wet n Wild Weekend

24th & 25th March 2018, Tairua Harbour, Coromandel Peninsula

What a fantastic location to have a whole weekend playing in the harbour with the whole family.  There was an open invitation to all jetski owners to bring their ride and participate in some of the weekend racing.

The kids had equally as much fun with the water slide, the inflatable water wall/slide and treasure hunts.  A few market stalls and food stalls completed the goods on offer. 

Keep an eye out for the 2019 event dates which always depend on the tide.

View the video 


NEW!  JetskiFinance.co.nz

A NZ owned company has just been launched this year specialising in providing finance for Jetski's.  If you are a responsible applicant with a good credit history you can get a loan for your new or used ski up to $25,000, at a very competitive rate, starting at just 9.5%.

Is the fun worth financing?  Well, every year we hear sad tales from new jetski owners who couldn't afford to buy a new ski and purchased a second hand one, only to have huge expenses with unexpected repairs that can easily be associated with older ski's that are past their use by date.  JetSkiFinance.co.nz can essentially offer a worthwhile solution for people wanting to get into a good quality used ski and need a little assistance with finance to reach that 'reliable' price point. ** See our article under Smart Stuff for more info on buying a used jetski. 

Check out their new website www.jetskifinance.co.nz  


Ski M.D. Educational Videos

Our latest idea for educating watercraft owners regarding the best methods of looking after their ski is through short video clips of a topical nature.  Here are the first two..

When do I service my Jet Ski? 

Jet Ski Batteries 



Jet Ski Summer Events Calendar 2018


24-25 Mar     Tairua COROMANDEL  Wet N Wild Fun Event

21 Apr      Rotorua Lakes  Fun Day 


Battery Basics

Without a doubt, the battery on your ski can cause the biggest amount of grief during your time as a jet ski owner.  Every year we answer the same questions from owners who are not familiar with the basic science of batteries.  So lets cover a few important things;

*  Your battery takes the hardest hit over winter.  If you don't use your ski for more than 3 months it can cause serious damage to the healthiest of batteries and may require replacement. 

*  If you look after your battery seriously well, you should get 3 - 5 years of good service.

*  If you are not using your ski once a fortnight, you will need to invest in a battery charger.  We use the CTEK system at $99 - it can be left on the battery full time and has a permanant connection so you don't have to fiddle with your battery terminals when you want to plug it in.

*  Basic rule of thumb;  charge the battery for the weekend once a month to bring it right up to full charge (or if you have an auto charger as above, you can just leave it on).  Some ski's will drain the battery faster and require charging every 2 weeks - this can also apply to some dual battery set ups.

*  A dying battery will take on a charge and seem ok, then be flat the next day.  We generally refer to this as the capacity.  Once it has suffered damage in a discharged (flat) state or starts to get old, it will be enough to effect this capacity/ability to hold its charge.

*  Battery brands; new ski's have a genuine Yuasa battery which are the best lead acid battery. When it comes to replacement, the best way to go is a maintenance free Motobatt which are constantly improving their technology and ability to stay healthy if not in use or on charge.

*  Handy tip;  if your ski starts on a cold engine at the beginning of the day (and it hasn't just come of the charger), then you should have no problems with it for the rest of the day.  If is sounds sluggish, have it checked before you go out.


Ski MD Turns 10

We've come a long way since our little yellow shop in Takanini, South Auckland.  When Kevin decided to leave his successful Seadoo dealership and go 'indepenant', it was a pretty brave move.  The little yellow workshop could hold about 9 ski's overnight and we quickly outgrew the premises.  We then moved ten minutes further south to Papakura, where we lived on site for five years and could lock up 18 ski's overnight.  This still proved the number one bain in our life quite often over summer as it was never enough.   We tried a wide range of hours to suit our customers who came from all over Auckland to ease their pain trying to drop off and collect; early mornings, late nights, Sunday evening drop off's...  but no one plan suited everyone.  

We announced about three years ago, that we were closing our workshop, leaving Auckland, and going 'mobile'.  Quite a few concerned friends thought we were nuts and it would be the end of Ski MD.  But sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling.

The last few years have been as chaotic as ever with our customers ecstatic that we come to them.  All in all, it has proved to be a much better system than having a fixed position in Auckland.

Kevin's success and loyal customer following, some from the beginning 20 years ago, ultimately means that he is one of the longest standing PWC (personal watercraft) technicians in New Zealand.  We've said it before, but THANK YOU to all our amazing customers that have been with us over the years.  You are the ones that keep us going when it gets horribly busy before Christmas!   



Every day I get this question… “Where should I go to buy a jetski”?

While there are a number of retailers out there peddling the brands, there are few that are specialists in the PWC industry. Jetski’s are not boats and should be considered different in every aspect from the suitability of the craft to your needs, the required customer maintenance right through to the aftersales back up and ongoing servicing. Of course I would say whatever ski you end up owning you will get the best service from me but I am certainly not nationwide so the following is some of the dealers that I consider 'industry specialists' and should be at the top of your list to look.

North Island:

Marine North in Whangarei for new Yamaha Waverunners. Ph 09 4388927

Northland Power Sports in Whangarei for new Sea Doo's. Ph 09 437 5451 

Family Boats in East Tamaki, Auckland for Yamaha Waverunners.   Ph 09 2740511 

Farnleys Yamaha on the North Shore, Auckland for new Yamaha Waverunners.  Ph 09 441 4208

JFK Powersports in Mt Wellington, Auckland for new Sea Doo’s.  Ph 09 262 4285 

Nautique Marine in Horotiu, Hamilton for Kawasaki watercraft. Ph 07 8493364

Rollos Marine in Hamilton for new Yamaha Waverunners. Ph 0800 804809

Action Lab in Hamilton for new Sea Doo's. Ph 07 849 7314

Trev Terry’s in Taupo for new Yamaha Waverunners. Ph 07 3787779

Makz Gear in Tauranga for new Yamaha Waverunners. Ph 07 5711161

Master Tech Marine in Tauranga for Kawasaki watercraft. Ph 07 5794240

Action Sports Direct in Tauranga for new Sea Doo Ph 07 9288045

Firmans Marine in Napier for New Yamaha Waverunners. Ph 06 8359718

Taranaki Motorcycles in Stratford for New Sea Doo's. Ph 06 765 7732

Mach 1 Yamaha in New Plymouth for new Yamaha Waverunners. Ph 06 757 9747 

Capital City Sea Doo in Wellington for new Sea Doo's.   Ph 04 5666100

South Island:

Mike Phillips Personal Watercraft in Christchurch for used skis and Sea Doo service. 03 3655779

The Waverunner Centre in Christchurch for new Yamaha Waverunners and all brands used. 03 3898980

Action Power Sports in Christchurch for new Sea Doo  03 9435391 

Otago Personal Watercraft for new Kawasaki Jetski’s 03 4178993

For all riding gear and accessories www.jetskijunk.co.nz 

In the case of used ski’s remember always have a pre Purchase Inspection done by a qualified third party and get warranty in writing.  Just because you found them on our web site does not constitute any form of recommendation, we are simply offering a guide.


Jetski Shopping 101

One of our most common enquiries at Ski MD comes from new customers wanting buy their first jetski.  Because we don't sell them but do work on the top 3 brands, people often turn to us for an unbiased opinion.  Here are the top 5 do's and don'ts to get you started;

1.  Go to the SMART STUFF page and read Buying Your First Jetski - this covers the basic FAQ.

2.  WINTER is the best time to BUY as demand is not high and people wanting to sell may be more negotiable.

3.  Go to http://www.jetskijunk.co.nz and establish what you will need to spend on accessories to get you started.  This is a good place to get a line up of prices on everything from life jackets to flushing fluid and because it is 100% Kiwi - it's also a good place to buy and have goods shipped to your door!

4. Go to our TOP 10 favourite models to buy (further down this page).  Noting these a very YEAR specific. Not all models of the same name were created equally!

5.  Lastly, get a pre-purchase inspection done before you buy preferably from a dealer familiar with the brand - it's no guarantee but a 99% chance of getting something that won't be dubbed "the lemon".

Here are some common mistakes we often see:

1.  Don't assume that because the ski has done low hours it will be a better buy.  It is rare but not unheard of for hours to be incorrect on imported ski's.  Also, a well serviced/used ski can be better than one which has done 30 hours in 4 years and never been serviced correctly.  Visual inspection in person will normally tell a well kept ski, ie: very clean, polished, service history in a folder, etc.

2.  We know first hand someone's idea of well serviced can be drastically different from what the factory recommends.  Find out what the service intervals are of the model you are buying and ask to see the history, or have the dealer/agent confirm regular service records. *Note, there may be a fee to request service documents and the owners permission will need to be obtained first. 

3.  Surprisingly, the most common error from buyers is not knowing what year the ski is they have just brought!  This is critical to check for problem models which fall into engine years etc.  Often we find customers are several years out!  Check the last 2 digits of the external serial tag, and at very least run the model and year through Google to check if re-occuring issues are commonly documented.

4.  "I have a model that no one will service".  Check with your local boat/jetski service centre to see what models they can work on.  For example, Seadoo have specific expensive diagnostics and not many places around NZ actually work on them if there is an issue. 

5.  "A marine shop down the road is selling it so it must be okay".  We disagree!  If a ski has been traded in but it is not a brand they normally work on, they may be honestly unaware if it is a lemon on not.  Consumers guarantee will be on your side, but it may still be a stressful situation if it turns ugly, for both parties.



The Jetski Doctors' Top 10

With a multitude of options to new jetski buyers, here is a list of our favourite ski's which combine 3 important factors: overall mechanical reliability, general ease of application for multiple uses (ie. fishing, family use, etc), re-sale value.

A word of warning - some of the models listed here are very year specific - don't assume the previous or following year models are the same, especially in Seadoo models.  This is just a general guide and in no way assures that every one of these models are in good working order if they are second hand.

#1.  Yamaha FXHO & SVHO 2013-current NZ New

#2.  Yamaha FXSHO + SVSHO 2013-current

#3.  Seadoo GTI 130 or 155 2009-2011

#4   Seadoo GTR 2014+

#5.  Yamaha FZS - all

#6.  Yamaha VXR 1800 - all

#7.  Yamaha VX Deluxe 2009+  NZ New

#8.  Sea Doo GTR 215 all 

#9    Sea Doo Spark 2015 + (2014 jet pump seals were poor)

#10. Seadoo GTX 155 2008-2009 






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